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Welcome!  I’m Katie Gordon.



  • How much have you invested in mainstream weight loss solutions?


  • Have you argued with yourself about eating something and eaten it anyway?


  • Has the overpowering impulse to eat made you feel possessed?


  • Have you ever been frustrated by your ‘lack of willpower’?


  • Have you ever thought ‘It’s just not possible for me’


What if I told you the problem isn’t what you eat; it’s why you eat.


The I Am Freedom program is a unique and unparalleled approach to weight loss.


You will learn…


  • What’s happening to you and why


  • How to conquer impulse eating & sugar addiction


  • How to have fun with this and be playful


  • How your mind and body works


  • The thoughts, feelings & behaviours that lead to overeating


  • Proven strategies to break free


Are you ready to set yourself free?

Easy, fun programs starting from only $20


Pause for Change; Mini 4 week email training & worksheets + bonus 30 min session.

Dive into Discovery; Introduction training and coaching package + Pause for Change Mini email training & worksheets free

The 4 Hours That Will Change Your Life Training & Coaching Package + worksheets + additional email series at the completion of the training

Mind over Emotion – Skills For Life; Customized training and coaching package + multiple bonuses

I Am Freedom; Premium 12 month package. 100% support, education, training and coaching for 52 weeks. 44 hours of personal training and coaching + unlimited email contact + multiple bonuses

Free Range Coaching; Customized To Your Personal Needs & Requirements


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