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I wanted to share a small collection of videos of some of the teachers I love and have learnt so much from over the last 20+ years.

I love YouTube, what a remarkable free resource to have at our fingertips.

I also love my audio books, most of which  I listen to over and over and over because taking on new information is like building a house, the first time I hear it, it lays the foundation, the second time I hear it, some more of the bricks of knowledge fall into place and the walls start to take shape, the third and fourth time I hear it, the stairs and the roof fall into place, and some of my audio books I would have listened to 50 times over the years and I still find that I gain a clearer understanding of something every time, because every time I listen, I am a different person who has had new experiences that I can relate back to the information. It’s seriously very cool.

There’s a comments section at the end of the playlist, leave me a comment, I’d love to hear what you thought of my favourite teachers and who yours are.

Love what you create.

Katie :o)

Weight Loss Coach

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Alison Armstrong

Laurence Gonzales


Eckhart Tolle

Dr Hew Len

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Marianne Williamson


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