Before you read the testimonials, I would like to say my Thank You to everyone in my life who has helped me along the way to being right here where I am today.

I needed all of you to make me the very best version of myself so far.

I’ve worked diligently to get myself to where I am, but like all great scientist, I’m standing on the very tall shoulders of everybody who has come before me; great teachers, scientist, enlightened beings, psychologist, philosophers and great writers that I have studied and learned from as well as the very very strong and tall shoulders of my wonderful family and friends who have always given to me generously and unconditionally their support, their love, their ideas, fantastic conversations and insights on the tough subjects.

Thank you all, I love you and I am sincerely grateful for everything.

My only hope is that you received as much from me as I received from you.

Katie xx



Just did Katie’s half day workshop.

OMG how much fun was that a great way to spend my day. It was fun, informative, EYE opening and mind changing. I left feeling I CAN AND WILL DO THIS SUCCESSFULLY . I also had the opportunity to do 90 day change my mind set program.

I can and do recommend this half day to EVERYONE who wants to change there mind set for the BEST. DO IT NOW YOU WILL BE SO HAPPY YOU DID

C Woodgate, Gold Coast, Australia


Working with Katie has been a breath of fresh air!

I have always been committed to self-development and growth, however I had reached a point where I felt stuck, physically, spiritually and emotionally, even with all the knowledge and understanding I had.

All the information seemed overwhelming and I had no idea how to integrate everything I had learned over the years into my everyday life.

It seemed I knew what to do but every time I tried, I failed, which weighed heavily on me.

Then I met Katie.

I signed up for the 90 Day Mind Makeover and within the first week I knew that our work together was the missing piece of my puzzle.

It became clear to me quite early in the program that my ongoing struggle was simply a lack of understanding of how the mind works.

It was the conversation I was having in my head that was letting me down and through the work with Katie, I now understand how to change the conversation so that it’s working for me and not against me.

The daily worksheets and check-ins really helped to shift my perspective and start creating the life I wanted to live. Within the 3 months I realised I had achieved all of the four goals I started with, which was a great reflection on my progress and our work together.

The biggest test came when I had an unfortunate accident at the end of the program and sustained a bad injury that left me in hospital and incapacitated.

It was a challenging time, however it was a great opportunity for me to use the tools I now had from the program to get my mindset in check to help with my recovery.

In implementing all that I had learned, and the ongoing support from Katie, I believed I moved through the process a lot quicker than I would have previously after such a traumatic experience.

The 90 Day Mind Makeover Program and working with Katie has empowered me and given me back control of my life. Life feels easier and I am more emotionally balanced, energetic, positive and optimistic than I ever have been.   

Katie has an amazing way with words and the use of metaphor and humour throughout the program makes it fun to do. I am now effortlessly creating and working towards my goals and dreams, ones that before the program felt unachievable and overwhelming, simply because of my mindset.

I cannot say enough how important this work is to really implement change and achieve success and happiness in life and I would highly recommend teaming up with Katie for a fun journey of self-discovery to be living the life you truly want to be living.

Kelly Vains. Darwin, Australia


After spending my life, up until working with Katie, emotionally attached to and dependent on constantly eating or fighting against ‘comfort’ food cravings, binging, guilt trips, shame, endless counseling and psychologist sessions all the while constantly feeling like I was out of control and a complete victim to my failures and inability to control my eating habits.

I really felt hopeless and helpless to escape this never ending cycle of eating and then hating on myself in a sad and desperate attempt to stop it.

I really was at one of my lowest points in attempting to fight the fight. I was feeling so down at not being able to do what everyone else could seem to manage to do (control their eating and lose weight) when Katie came to the rescue.

With Katie standing in my loungeroom with a bunch of palm cards in her hands I doubted how she was going to be able to change the way I was feeling deep down inside. The negativity I was feeling seemed impossible to dissipate as I had frustratingly spent so long trying all different diets, methods and regimes to no avail.

That was until about 2 mins into listening to the words Katie was reading to me and requiring me to read out loud back to her. For the first time in my LIFE I felt a real and tangible hope.

Katie had the solution and she was sharing it with me! I was shocked and surprised at how quickly I felt deeply and positively different. I burst into tears as we were reading the daily practices as I could feel instant deep change. I guess it was my light bulb moment.

Katie’s extensive knowledge and unique understanding has enabled her to know more about how to heal this type of issue from the ground up like no other. Her techniques filled in the missing gaps to heal and create the change I’d been unable to find or create anywhere else.

As I started to do my daily practices I found a beautiful sense of pure happiness, freedom and peace I had not experienced since childhood.

Katie is my angel. She has changed my life. It’s as simple and as profound as that.

I will be forever grateful and appreciative for her support and her gift of healing.

Wendy A. Gold Coast, Australia


Katie Gordon has been one of the most positive influences on my life over the last few years. I’ve been seeking to understand the way my mind and the world works, and I find her a wealth of knowledge and wisdom on the subject.

Katie continually astounds me with the remarkably broad range of sources that she pulls her information, tools and techniques from. And she has a rare level of understanding as to how to apply it to real life situations.

When I met Katie I was battling a torturous anxiety problem. She made me feel understood and supported. There was a complete lack of judgment, and I felt like I had someone on my side who both understood where I was at, and had the answers as to what I needed to do. Anxiety is now a thing of the past for me, and anyone who has dealt with it and beat it knows the sheer relief, peace and joy that comes on the other side.

I would recommend Katie to anyone who needs a rock steady cheer leader in their corner as they try to improve their situation in life, whatever that may be. She’ll show you the way, and then be right behind you, such a calming influence, as she picks you up from any falls. She really is a diamond.

Damian Murdoch, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Mindset Trainer@The Inner Game – Mind mastery for achievement.



I have had the pleasure of being coached by Katie Gordon on several occasions. I found her to be warm, understanding and very compassionate in her approach.

She helped me work through a couple of issues that I had trouble dealing with, and made it easy for me to resolve. Her approach is professional, trustworthy and I can honestly recommend her to others who might need a little assistance in getting their problems sorted out.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss at any time.

Sandra Kelly, Sunshine Coast Australia



I’ve known Katie Gordon since 2003 when I became an Independent Representative with the company Katie worked for. Katie was always extremely efficient and helpful to myself and my colleagues and was a favourite of us all. It doesn’t surprise me that Katie chose to become a Coach as she always had a natural ability to help others with their problems, while remaining calm and grounded. Katie eagerly pursued her own personal growth while sharing with others and assisting them to learn and change. Katie will be a wonderful Coach as she has that beautiful balance of focused listening, while guiding people to appropriate action. Plus, she’s a warm, caring, loving and down-to-earth person with great personal experiences to share.

Wendy Bryan Victoria, Australia



A person who walks the talk is the coach best able to guide you through your desired life changes. Katie Gordon is just that coach, who has studied the techniques for years and applied them all, to turn her life upside down and get happy in a few short years. Traveling the world, loving her job and passionate about helping people get to their a-ha moments, Katie is the perfect guide to have on your team.

Kristy Zenk – Founder Slim Birdy, Australia



“There was a story about the wind and the sun, competing to remove the jacket from a man in a park. The wind blew hard and loud, but the man just pulled his coat tighter. The sun shone gently and with great warmth, and the man chose to remove his coat. Some so-called coaches are like the wind – a whole lot of air, pushing you around with their opinions of what you need to do. Katie as a coach is like the sun. She is warm and gently persuasive, leading her clients to choose the enduring outcome that serves them best.”

Alison Skate, Creator of Elemental Influence Team Performance Systems, Australia



I’ve known Katie for close to 10 years in many capacities from friend, spiritual councilor to mentor and confidant.
Katie is a calm, caring, respectful, thoughtful person who guides you through the tough times, Katie doesn’t give you what you want to hear but helps you through her various learning techniques e.g. NLP to find the answers, often giving clarity and perspective where there was just a fog before.

I have taken both my children to Katie when I’ve felt they need assistance with issues they are dealing with, this has been enlightening for them, and given them confidence and tools to deal with issues they come across.
It’s great to have a friend that operates outside the main stream, does treatments drug free and leaves you feeling unburdened at the end of a session.

I have recommended friends to Katie over the years and she has always been honest enough to say when she has felt the work they need is beyond her expertise and is happy to recommend others she felt could help more.
Thank you Katie for just being you, you are unique and definitely one of a kind, I am so glad I be counted in your circle of friends.

Toni McPhail, Gold Coast, Australia



Katie Gordon has an honest and fresh way of analysing how we work unconsciously. She is both a colleague and friend and I listen carefully to her insights. I highly recommend her to anyone suffering from weight issues, stress or burnout. I know they will be more than satisfied.

Elissa Freeman, Brisbane, Australia



It has been an incredible privilege to not only know Katie Gordon for over a decade but to have worked with her on a broad range of projects both professional and personal.

Katie has been one of my top “go to” providers in my role at Bond University, often stepping in to help run professional development programs with our students and in helping me craft and refine focus and strategy on both professional and personal levels.

Katie’s strengths are her adaptive and pragmatic approach, her deep listening and reflective skills often sharing incredible insights that truly help with growth and progress, in addition to her sense of humour and unconditional support. Additionally her depth and breadth of knowledge and practice in the field provides a real evidence based approach to her work.

She is an incredible coach, motivator and collaborator to help others achieve their dreams and goals and her new career is something that she brings so much of herself to.
Katie is engaging, enthusiastic, approachable and very relatable, she can build rapport and strong relationships with a wide variety of clients.

I cannot recommend Katie highly enough and if you are lucky enough to work with Katie, you too are a Lucky Duck!

Kirsty Mitchell Career Development Professional | General Manager Career Development Centre, Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia