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Dietless Living Is Delivering 20 FREE Workplace Wellness Workshops In 2020

We are leading workplace wellness initiatives and committed to elevating Workplace Wellness through delivering 20 complimentary interactive workshops to small businesses and corporate in 2020.

Welcome to Dietless Living’s 3 Systems of Self Training Programs for Corporate

Dietless Living Corporate programs are for business owners, employers, supervisors,workers or anyone interested in improving mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.
The programs are designed so participants:
  • develop awareness of their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • bring awareness to the situations and circumstances of others
  • increase adaptability
  • elevate mental and emotional resilience
  • develop the ability to turn conflict into conversation
Your most extraordinary work life starts here, please watch the video below for more information and book a call with me today.

Dietless Living Can Help Your Business You If...

Your company is experiencing high absenteeism or decreased productivity.

Are your staff and managers having more time off or putting in claims for stress related illness? Is productivity low,have you noticed an increase in mistakes or deadlines being missed? Are staff often late to start, late back from lunch and quick to get out the door at the end of the day?

Your employees seem unmotivated, workplace morale is low or there is high instance of conflict among your staff.

Is there a lot of grumbling around the water cooler, gossip, white anting and general unrest among the staff? How long has it been since you heard laughter in the hallways and noticed smiles on people’s faces? Does watching every one come in in the mornings remind you of a funeral march? Is there a general feeling of negativity around the workplace?

Your staff seems to be overweight, tired , emotionally sensitive or generally unhappy

Is there an increase in irritability, moodiness and over-reaction to work place demands, clients, customers or co-workers? Are your staff complaining of headaches, body aches and pains, sleepless nights, or getting the flu regularly? Is everyone keen to get home to that glass or wine or beer at the end of the day?

Who am I, and what makes me qualified to help you?

What’s the Dietless Living 3 Systems of Self Process for Corporate Look Like?

The Individual

We unpack The 3 Systems of Self; what drives thoughts, feelings and behaviours; why it does that and how it relates universally and uniquely to each person. Builds empowering knowledge about self and others.


Learning and implementing the knowledge along with success strategies to build mental and emotional resilience, create behavioral plasticity, increase adaptability and create a pathway to develop positive healthy habits for self. This leads to improved workplace relationships, reduced stress, anxiety and overwhelm, assisting everyone to see the multiple ways to apply it all to their day to day life in every area.

The Big Picture

Creating workplace community through in-depth training on workplace relationships, success strategies to transform conflict into communication, creating clarity of purpose and the desired results that leaves each person feeling they got the best deal and ensuring personal agendas and company outcomes are achieved without conflict.

Where should I start?

You are just one call away from stepping into your most extraordinary life with choices, freedom and control. Book a 30 minutes complimentary Freedom call today and you'll discover how easy it really is.

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"Katie’s workshop was a great experience and she is very brave to tell her story so that we could truly relate to where she is coming from. The information and insight that Katie shares is fabulous and so applicable to everyone. I think that all the workshop attendees could relate and there were lots of light bulb moments! I am keen to hear more from Katie and I know she will be life changing to so many people. I have already taken steps to change based on the workshop and definitely want more of diet less living, fantastic on so many levels."

Dr. Karen Klockner
Gold Coast

"We’ve known Katie for ages and love her genuine desire to help others, sense of fun and focused purpose, but we discovered a whole new side of her when we attended her workshop. And we also discovered something really interesting about ourselves. Katies personal journey through diet hell and her realisation that she needed to develop a totally different approach to eating, food, habits and diets is so inspirational and incredibly educational. We have been looking for guidance on how to better maintain a healthy weight as we age and even though we had lots of knowledge about food and exercise, Katies insight into lifestyle, habits and mindset were really revealing. We’ve changed a number of aspects in our lives and are seeing the results already. I highly recommend Katie’s workshops and training for anyone who is sick of dieting, knows they need to do something positive about their wellbeing and just wants practical, action steps they can implement that actually make a difference."

L & Graham Clemett
Gold Coast

"A huge thank you for your 3 Keys to Diet-Less Weight Loss, Well-Being, and Happiness Workshop. I have tried dieting before many times, and yes, I did manage to lose some weight, then rapidly regained it again. Katie delved into the psychology of dieting alone does not work. We need to make changes in our behavioural habits, and it needs to be fun. Katie took us on her personal journey, and the psychology of eating. It is all common sense, with no calorie counting, or depriving yourself of food or lifestyle. I found Katie’s workshop to be very empowering and would have no hesitation in recommending her workshop to anyone. "

Mike C.


Are you struggling to control your eating and your weight?

If you’re a yo-yo dieter like I was, then you know you can lose weight, keep it off for anywhere between a couple of weeks to a couple of years, but eventually, it returns.

Create a positive relationship with food, exercise and your body, in fun and easy ways and change your eating habits, patterns and behaviours.

Get access to this free resource today so you can learn everything you need to step into your most extraordinary life with choices, freedom and control.

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