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My Commitment To You:

  • ✔  Empower you to be powerful in your own life.
  • ✔  Build and develop your knowledge and skills in every area
  • ✔  Teach you success strategies and skills
  • ✔  Teach you exactly what your unconscious and conscious minds are
  • ✔  And how to build a bridge of communication between them and
  • ✔  Integrate your emotional, mental and physical self
  • ✔  Creating alignment between your thoughts, feelings and behaviours

So you can:

  • ✔  Release yourself from past hurts without having to go back
  • ✔  Take charge of your emotional responses, become unflappable and unstoppable
  • ✔  Shut down negative self-talk and anxiety
  • ✔  Cut yourself free from shame, guilt and anger
  • ✔  Create a new playful positive healthful relationship with food and alcohol
  • ✔  Create empowering health habits
  • ✔  Build and fortify behavioural flexibility
  • ✔  Free yourself from emotional eating, cravings, binge eating and temptations
  • ✔  Give yourself freedom to choose the foods you want to eat
  • ✔  Fall in love with exercise for the sheer pleasure of it
  • ✔  Accelerate natural sustainable weight loss
  • ✔  Restore a positive healthful relationship with yourself
  • ✔  Trust yourself again
  • ✔  Resolve self-sabotaging behaviours
  • ✔  Rebuild and develop greater self-confidence
  • ✔  Escalate positive physical, mental and emotional health
  • ✔  Increase happiness and well-being
  • ✔  Re-ignite playfulness and fun
  • ✔  And step into your most extraordinary life with choices, freedom and control.

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Where should I start?

You are just one call away from stepping into your most extraordinary life with choices, freedom and control. Book a 30 minutes complimentary Freedom call today and you'll discover how easy it really is.

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"Wow, where do I begin....Meeting Katie Gordon. Katie’s positive energy, enthusiasm for life and passion to make a difference is what drew me in to doing Katie’s course. Not quite sure where to start with this but I had no self-esteem or confidence left, believing that everything that had and was happening in my life was what I deserved and I must have been a really awful person however I have two wonderful children who deserved a better version of their Mum, not one filled with self-doubt and loathing but filled with self-love and joy. Don’t expect change overnight however with Katie’s support, guidance and patience I put the tools and strategies into place and the true new version of me is emerging. The change in my life is truly amazing and I continue to draw on all the valuable lessons and tools that Katie has shared. Take that first step and then another and before you know it the real life adventure is happening all around you. Don’t stress if you feel you’ve taken a step backwards as sometimes we just need to revisit a lesson and sharpen the tools so that we don’t slip back into old patterns of behaviour. Truly grateful for all your help and support Katie."

Jayne B.

"I contacted Katie in a terrible state, depressed and not liking myself very much. I wanted to lose weight as I thought that was the answer to my problem. I had struggled with my weight for as long as I could remember, yo-yoing up and down on the scales and with the fluctuating weight came my fluctuating mood. What I learnt by having Katie as my coach was that being lighter/smaller wasn’t the answer, a bit of a revelation for me. I learnt to be happy right now, in this moment, just the way I am. I have lost weight but it is a by- product of how I feel not because I’m trying to. I learnt that my mind had been keeping me in a ground hog day scenario and I could change that, that I had the power, and could use the tools Katie taught me to rewrite the stories my mind told. I have a life now I didn’t know I could have and it is a wonderful one and the future is looking absolutely amazing. I am very grateful and so is my family that I did program with Katie."

Debbie Lund

"The work I have done with Katie has completely changed my life. The awareness I have gained around retraining my mind to work for me rather than against me has been invaluable. It really is that simple. My energy has shifted, I am much happier and in control of my future. Katie is an amazing coach who is very relatable and grounded in her learning and knowledge. She has the ability to make you laugh and have fun with the learning, as well as offering support in those vulnerable moments when the patterns pop up and tighten their grip. Working with Katie has empowered me and given me back control of my life. Life feels easier and I am more emotionally balanced, energetic, positive and optimistic than I ever have been. Katie has an amazing way with words and the use of metaphor and humour throughout the program makes it fun to do. I am now effortlessly creating and working towards my goals and dreams, ones that before the program felt unachievable and overwhelming, Thank you again Katie. "

Kelly Vains
Artist and Counsellor, Darwin

"After spending my life, up until working with Katie, emotionally attached to and dependent on constantly eating or fighting against comfort food cravings, binging, guilt trips, shame, endless counselling and psychologist sessions all the while constantly feeling like I was out of control and a complete victim to my failures and inability to control my eating habits. The negativity I was feeling seemed impossible to dissipate as I had frustratingly spent so long trying all different diets, methods and regimes to no avail. That was until about 2 minutes into listening to the words Katie was reading to me and requiring me to read out loud back to her. For the first time in my LIFE I felt a real and tangible hope. Katie had the solution and she was sharing it with me! I was shocked and surprised at how quickly I felt deeply and positively different. Katie's extensive knowledge and unique understanding has enabled her to know more about how to heal this type of issue from the ground up like no other. Her techniques filled in the missing gaps to heal and create the change I'd been unable to find or create anywhere else. Katie is my angel. She has changed my life. It's as simple and as profound as that. "

Wendy A.


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