Accelerate Your Weight Loss Success: Signature Program

Signature Customised Program: I Am Freedom – Giving you back choices, freedom & control over your own life. 

This comprehensive 180 days of coaching and training package will take you to the next level in every area of your life.

This will be the most positively transformative time of your life.

This program takes you through a specially designed 26 week program which includes 7 weeks that is customised to fit your personal needs.

  • In-depth training on strategies and interventions for breaking-free from impulse eating & sugar addiction
  • Create behavioural flexibility through playfulness
  • Develop strategies to bring awareness to unconscious daily habits and routines and take charge of thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Learn simple strategies for flipping your mindset and creating new outcomes
  • Set up a simple daily routine and go deeper into behavioural flexibility and change mindset
  • Develop a new mindset that reduces friction, allows you to take charge of stress and anxiety.
  • Re-discover how to find and enjoy naturally occurring pleasure
  • Unearth how to provide yourself with good food and good nutrition that suits you (hint, you get to design it) and truly enjoy the food you’re eating
  • Discover how to make fitness fun (hint, you get to design this too)
  • Learn how to reassure and coach yourself daily through anything and everything and carry within yourself all the support you need
  • Take charge of stress, strain, tension and friction and enjoy your relationships and everyday life
  • Recapture your sense of playfulness
  • Discover how to stop putting life on hold until you’re a size ‘X’ and get out there and enjoy your life right now

This coaching and training package provides you with the real tools you need to break-free from impulse eating & sugar addiction.



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