I Am Freedom; Premium Training & Coaching Package


For the cost of $100 per week you get absolute 100% support, education and training.

This unique and unparalleled 12 month package is valued at over $7795

your saving over $2595

  • Discover and understand how your mind and body works and what drives your impulse eating and sugar addiction
  • In-depth training on strategies and interventions for breaking-free from impulse eating & sugar addiction
  • Create behavioural flexibility through playfulness
  • Develop strategies to bring awareness to unconscious daily habits and routines and take charge of thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Learn simple strategies for flipping your mindset and creating new outcomes
  • Set up a simple daily routine and go deeper into behavioural flexibility and change mindset
  • Develop a new mindset that reduces friction, allows you to take charge of stress and anxiety.
  • Re-discover how to find and enjoy naturally occurring pleasure
  • Unearth how to provide yourself with good food and good nutrition that suits you (hint, you get to design it) and truly enjoy the food you’re eating
  • Discover how to make fitness fun (hint, you get to design this too)
  • Learn how to reassure and coach yourself daily through anything and everything and carry within yourself all the support you need
  • Take charge of stress, strain, tension and friction and enjoy your relationships and everyday life
  • Recapture your sense of playfulness
  • Discover how to stop putting life on hold until you’re a size ‘X’ and get out there and enjoy your life right now

This coaching and training package provides you with the real tools you need to break-free from impulse eating & sugar addiction.



Comprehensive coaching and training through a step by step interactive program carefully tailored to your personal needs and delivered to you via email, Skype and phone.

  • 12 x 60 min* Skype sessions for personalised coaching and training; every calendar month you will receive training and discussion to enhance the integration of strategies and interventions into your life + Q & A + discussion of any day to day issues and how the Freedom Codes are applying to how your day to day experiences; Value $1200
  • 52 x 30 min* phone calls (26 hours of personalised coaching); for support and motivation + Q & A,  day to day living and program integration, assistance, crisis management & project management; Value $2600
  • 3 x Quarterly Review and Strategy Sessions; Every 3 months we review and re-strategise. You will change so quickly as you move through this program and to keep your knowledge and skills moving forwards the next level, we contiously review everything from the previous 3 months as we look forward into the coming quarter.
  • 18 Freedom Codes; you will receive one every 3 weeks via email; Each code provides you with knowledge of what’s happening and why, along with training to develop the skills and strategies you need so you can apply and integrate that knowledge and embed it into your day to day life to create behavioural flexibility and bring awareness to both conscious and unconscious daily habits and routines so you can create real change and break-free from impulse eating, sugar addiction and stress; Value $1440
  • 18 Freedom Code worksheets; each code is accompanied by a worksheet which is designed to assist you to develop the skills and integrate them in fun and playful ways; Value $225
  • Daily Practices and Interventions; further developing and integrating the skills and knowledge into your day to day life, keeping it top of mind until it becomes automatic; Value Priceless
  • Unlimited email = 24/7 support & crisis management – urgent will be replied to within 24 hours. Use this facility to get the most out of the weekly calls and monthly skype sessions. If something specific has happened that you’ll want to discuss with me, email me while it’s fresh in your mind so you capture the experience (thoughts, feelings, behaviours, emotions) so we can discuss it at our next session; Value Priceless
  • FB Community
  • 100% Support
  • 100% confidentiality


BONUS; 3 hour start up session Value $300

BONUS; 2 hour wrap up session Value $200

BONUS; 3 emergency calls throughout the year Value $300

BONUS; Coach Accountable – specialised coaching software for communicating, tracking/metrics, project management – set up your metrics and track what we do, log your lessons in one place, exchange of documents between us etc – all together neat and tidy in one place Value $60

BONUS; Endless resources throughout the year to educate, expand knowledge and skills ,answer questions, empower you and support you Value Priceless

BONUS; Pause for Change mini email training + worksheets, Value $370

BONUS; Complete and return each worksheet (22 in total) within the 7 days of receiving the training and receive feedback on your progress and additional support and encouragement. Value $1100

All That = 100% Support 24/7 for 52 weeks

All training & coaching delivered by Skype, phone and email.

*please leave extra time as our time together may run longer as I want you to get the best out of each coaching session

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