Welcome to your resources section.

I have put together some of my favourite stuff for you. My belief is that the more you can teach yourself through the remarkable amount of resources there are in the world, the more adaptive you become in overcoming obstacles and increasing your problem solving skills.

The selection of actionable and practical tools that I teach to my clients can be used moment by moment in everyday situations to relieve yourself of anxiety, stress, worry and grief. Those tools are highly effective for anyone who uses them, whether you know anything about how the brain and body works or not. And the more you can learn for yourself about how your brain and nervous system works and how you experience life, the more powerful those tools are going to become to you.

All of the links I’ve provided are stand alone resources and they will educate and empower you whether you decide to your use my services or not. It’s high quality information. They’ll also complement the work we’ll do together if you decide to work with me.

Love what you create.

Katie :o)

Weight Loss Coach

Educator, Trainer, Cheer Squad & Mentor;

Creator of;

The Freedom Codes; Essential Emotional Development

        Real tools for a real life. Realise what’s possible.

I Am Freedom; Break-Free From Impulse Eating & Sugar Addiction

        Giving you back choices, freedom and control over your own life.

Author of;

  • The Freedom Codes; Essential Emotional Development. Conquer Impulse Eating, Anxiety & Stress. Real Tools For A Real Life. To be released 2017
  • The Missing Link; Master Your Mind, Master Your Life and End the Cycle of Yo-Yo Dieting. Real Tools For Real Change. To be released 2017
  • The Laid Back Person’s Guide to Creating Your Personal Goal Template; A Framework for Designing Goals for Life. To be released 2017


PS. The pages with a lot of links – Happy Tunes, Comedy, Teachers and TED Talks – may take a long time to load.